Philadelphia Magician Eddy Ray has been performing professionally for family audiences all over the greater Philadelphia, PA area for over 15 years. This magician in Philadelphia has been featured on television and radio shows such as: Kids on the Beat (which was broadcast from studios in Philadelphia), Fox Family Channel, Penns Peak Radio, Weeu Radio, Fox 43, Comcast Tonight, and many more.






Eddy Ray gears his amazing magic shows towards family audiences. His shows are kid and adult friendly. In fact, this magician in Philadelphia starred and produced his own children’s television magic show called: Magic Town which aired on community television in several markets.

This magician in Philadelphia is not only an accomplished family magician but also is a published author and instructor on magic. Eddy has two published books and over 15 instructional DVD’s teaching the art of magic.

Eddy Ray has been asked to audition for America’s Got Talent in 2008 and 2009 and has even performed in Las Vegas and Tokyo Japan. In 2016 Eddy Ray appeared on TLC’s Kate Plus 8 performing and teaching magic on the popular reality TV series.


Philadelphia Magician Eddy Ray on TLC’s Kate Plus 8

If you are searching for a magician who can dazzle your audience… Eddy Ray is the magician in Philadelphia for you. Check out his Secret Magicians Club Website by clicking the photo below.